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I like to cook and especially bake, but can’t always remember how I made something or forgot about something wonderful I made all together.  I also feel it’s important to capture things that maybe didn’t turn out so well so I don’t repeat the same mistake and can improve upon them.

My blog is my way to capture all the recipes I use in one place and to share them with friends and family.  I envision this to be a useful resource to help answer to the question “what’s for dinner?”.

One of the categories for my blog is “WDC”.  This was actually how the thought of creating a food blog came about.  Quite a few years ago, I think back in 2009, a couple of friend  of mine and I would get together once a week for dinner.  We rotated who hosted and it was their responsibility to make a full meal for the four of us.  This continued on for at least 2 full years likely near 100 different meals!  We commented on how we wish we would have tracked all these dishes and so came about my blog.  We are have had 3 iterations of starts and stops with a change in members each time.  WDCs are not nearly as frequent, but always something we look forward to.  There are not many rules except the following:

a) Absolutely no repeats of main dishes.  This only applies within each iteration.  We have joked that the consequence of breaking this rule would be requiring the same person to cook again next time.  It hasn’t happened yet though!

b) Non-host members are required to bring drinks and occasionally dessert.  If it was a birthday WDC, I would always make cake!

c) Typically what you are making is supposed to be a surprise.

d) Non-standard members are welcome.  We like to call them “distinguished guests of honor”.  We’ve had many family and friends join us along the way.

And lastly another main goal of the blog is to capture what a dish is supposed to look like. I hate reading a recipe that does not have a picture.  I have no claims of being a photographer or even closely to it.  I spend the time cooking the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time on a photo while my food is getting cold.  Unfortunately many times I forget to snap a pic until the last bite.  So forgive me for blurry iPhone pics and closeup fork shots.

  1. Dad permalink

    Heidi, I got worn out just reading about this much less baking any of it. I guess I’ll stick to pulling out a box of Betty Crocker’s cake mix and be on my way. Remember those days? Love, Dad

    • Oh yes I remember going through many Betty Crocker pre-mix boxes. I had to get my start somewhere. I think I made too many of those cakes back in the day given that my “Heidi’s Brownies” pan leaks now. Thanks for reading:)

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