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Missing WDCs

February 17, 2016

Every WDC I say I’ll post this blog containing all the known missing WDC recipes, but I keep forgetting. Am I a hypocrite for forgetting to post a blog about the recipes people have forgot to send me?  We won’t point fingers at who’s bad about sending me their recipes, but I bet you can figure it out:) I’m getting this up before Erin’s WDC next week and hopefully help her eliminate some options and cultivate new tasty ones!  If you are confused about what all this WDC-ness is see here.

The following WDCs are missing from our latest edition which coincides with the start of this blog.

Bill’s Chicken Pot Pie.  I believe this one was the kick off of WDC rev #3: The Addition of Erin.  I also vaguely remember him saying it was a Food Network recipe, so I think it might be this one.

Bill’s Sloppy Joes,November 2014  We were all prompted to guess what high school cafeteria staple it was that he made and none of us came up with sloppy Joe’s – cue “Lunch Lady Land” song.  It was a fancier bbq style if I remember correctly.  I even had a picture from it, but no recipe.


Bill’s Philly Cheese Steaks No picture and no recipe, double whammy…

Bill’s Beef and Broccoli WDC with Griffin home grown salad:

Broccoli and Beef


Garden Salad



Bill’s Pea Bruschetta, Steak, and Cauliflower Gratin Birthday WDC for Lisa

Bill’s seafood stew 

Previous WDC editions #1 and #2 have included the following recipes, but all still remain in contention for our current edition #3.

Hot Dagos 

Wild Rice Soup

Pork stuffed with Cornbread Stuffing

Monte Cristo Sandwiches 

Crab Cake BLTs





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