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Mark’s Vanilla Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting

February 26, 2014

Yay, another birthday, another cake:) The request was for yellow cake, chocolate frosting, and vanilla ice cream (on the side). So I did some repeats for this one, but a new combo…

Mark's Cake

I did a similar cake for Jeff’s birthday, but I wasn’t in love with the cake recipe. So I used the vanilla cake from Lisa’s bday and the chocolate frosting from Jeff’s bday cake. It made a good combo.  Although the chocolate frosting this time around did not seem to be as solids as Jeff’s.  It could be the difference in temperature of the butter when I used it.  I can’t remember if it was cold or room temp, but I would guess Jeff’s frosting was colder when I made it and Mark’s was more room temperature.   Note: the amount of frosting from Jeff’s bday recipe is probably sufficient for two two-layer cakes.

Since it was near Valentine’s Day I chopped up some Valentine’s Day colored M&Ms for the topping.  I thought the food processor would work well for this, but instead it just chipped off all the hard candy shell and didn’t actually divide the M&M, who knew that would happen…apparently is a soft candy shell and hard chocolate inside!  So I resorted to chopping them with a knife.

Mark's Cake Cut



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